Who we are

The Jericho team comprises writers and photographers from all over the world. Our extensive global network of contributors, each with their specific research interests and expertise in different regions, allows us to cover such a wide range of international issues.

Founded in August 2017, Jericho has established itself as purveyor of measured, long-form journalism. We seek to provide context for global stories and events, explaining why things happen, not just what happens.

Our contributors write about topics that interest them. They add their knowledge and research to provide expert news analysis and report on global current affairs. We ask key questions and place global issues in a local context to allow our readership to expand their understanding of the world’s most newsworthy regions.

We aim to provoke debate and challenge preconceptions. Our writers not only seek to educate and inform, but to create an environment for readers to discuss the world’s most important issues in a respectful way.

If you want to want to write for our growing team of contributors, please send an email to writeforus@jerichoonline.com with an article pitch or to find out other ways you can be of assistance.

Jericho: intrigue, inform, inspire.