Our Team

Joe Barnes and John Bartlett (editor@jerichoonline.com)

Joe and John graduated from the University in Oxford in 2017 with a number of ideas and stories in mind – but without a platform from which to tell them. Frustrated by the trajectory of modern journalism and understanding the difficulties associated with breaking into the profession, they took matters into their own hands by launching Jericho.

Editor: Joe Barnes (joe.barnes@jerichoonline.com)

Joe has spent nearly a decade working in media around the world, including in Russia, Argentina and Spain. He now heads Jericho’s UK section. He holds a Bachelors degree in English Literature from Newcastle University and an MSc in East European Politics from the University of Oxford. He has previously written for the Financial Times, Sunday Times and Left Foot Forward.

Editor: Sonia Cuesta Maniar (sonia.cuestamaniar@jerichoonline.com)

Sonia is Jericho‘s Western Europe editor. Currently undertaking a PhD in modern Spanish History at the University of Oxford, she has worked extensively on European political history. She has also written for a number of blogs and online newspapers throughout the years, focusing especially on western European politics, media and society.

Editor: John Bartlett (john.bartlett@jerichoonline.com)

John holds a degree in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Bristol and an MSc in Latin American Studies from the University of Oxford, and has worked in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Spain.

Editor: George Grillo (george.grillo@jerichoonline.com)

George works on turnkey infrastructure projects, predominantly in Sub-Saharan Africa, having completed a BA in Anthropology at Durham University and an MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Cambridge. George has previously conducted research in South Africa, lived in Francophone Senegal, and experienced East, West and Central Africa in a professional or personal capacity. His interests are political economy, infrastructure and sustainability, and in his spare time he does as much sport and travelling as possible.

Editor: Claudia Arnoldo (claudia.arnoldo@jerichoonline.com)

Claudia is one of Jericho’s editors, predominantly focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. She has studied East Asian politics, history and culture at New York University, and is currently at SOAS, University of London working on her master’s degree in Chinese Studies. Her focus has been on China and the Korean Peninsula. She has worked on various online publications, focusing predominantly on culture.

Head of Content: Stuart Bolus (stuart.bolus@jerichoonline.com)
Marketing Manager: Alex Marrow (alex.marrow@jerichoonline.com)

Alex is Jericho’s marketing manager and a regular contributor to the site with both written pieces and photography. He has extensive experience in social media marketing, and advises the editorial team on these areas.

Social Media Manager: Will Barnes (will.barnes@jerichoonline.com)

After completing a BA in history at the University of York, where he columnist at York Vision newspaper, Will has spent the last four years working in Australia, France and Thailand. His interests range from cricket to travel writing, from alternative rock music to sipping Kir Royales. As well as aiding the Jericho editorial team he also handles our social media pages.

Web Consultant: Lewin Schmitt (lewin.schmitt@jerichoonline.com)

Lewin is working as a freelance IT consultant and web designer. Over the last few years he has created numerous websites and carried out projects for a wide variety of clients. His specialisations are digital media campaigns, CMS, and management solutions – his work can be found at www.lewinschmitt.de.