Write for us

The only way we can cover global events the way we do is by having specialists all over the world. With contributors in such varied nations, we are able to take the pulse of global events.

We are always interested in hearing from potential contributors. Perhaps you have a story in mind and what a platform from which to write? Perhaps you have an interview in mind or photography to share? From news analysis and political comment, to culture pieces and photography essays, Jericho likes to offer a wide range of content to our growing readership.

We love hearing your ideas, so please send a 150-word pitch to writeforus@jerichoonline.com and discuss it with us.

Whatever subject you hope to write about, your submission should assume well-read, but non-specialist, English-speaking readership.

Please note that Jericho is looking for journalism, not opinion-filled monologues – you can save those for your blog!

Thank you for your interest in Jericho. We look forward to hearing from you.