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prostitution leeds Braunschweiger Monogrammist Bordellszene

Leeds experiments with legalised prostitution

It is famously one of the world’s oldest professions, existing in one form or another across almost every civilization. Sumerian records dating back to around 2400 BCE refer to it as an occupation, the...
islamic state terror

Terror transformed: from foreign fighters to homegrown terrorism

Since the fall of Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State (IS), in October of last year, declarations of the “defeat of the Caliphate” have dominated headlines across the globe. World leaders were united...
Salar de uyuni lithium

Bolivia seeks investment as lithium price sky-rockets

Over the past decade Bolivia’s dazzling Salar de Uyuni has become one of South America’s most unmissable sights. Millions of tourists have made the journey to see the azure sky of the Andes flawlessly...

Concerns grow over fat acceptance and rising obesity

‘Are you beach body ready?’ This was the question posed by supplements company ProteinWorld in 2015 on billboards around London, which also featured Australian model Renee Somerfield in a bikini. The backlash began almost immediately,...
trump looks down at photojournalists

Trump pushes Latin America into the arms of the EU

Over the last two years, the global economy has witnessed seismic shifts in its natural order. Since 2016, the Brexit referendum, the election of Donald Trump in the US, Emmanuel Macron’s rise to power in...
salisbury attack nerve agent novichok russia

Britain and Russia in diplomatic brinkmanship following Skripal poisoning

Anglo-Russian relations have rarely been worse. In 2006, a fugitive Russian intelligence agent Alexander Litvinenko was killed by radioactive poison on British soil. President Vladimir Putin “probably approved his assassination” according to British authorities. Twelve...
Aymara protester Bolivia

Bolivia: Relatives rejoice as ex-president found guilty of civilian massacres

There is an Aymara proverb which artfully invokes the idea that returning to the past can trace a path into the future: 'Qhiparu nayraru uñtas sartañani' - 'Looking back, we will move forward'. Over 15...
Mexico keep calm jesucristo

Understanding the democratic crisis in Mexico

Democracy in Mexico is facing a critical situation. The country is immersed in a deep social malaise amid a complex electoral process where weak political parties and a large number of candidates distributed across...
exam results confidential

The decline of UK universities and the call of the US

The deadlines for prospective UK and US undergraduates have arrived. Choosing which higher education institution to attend is a daunting task for a prospective student - the majority of whom are between the ages...

Britain’s Foreign Aid: Don’t Be Distracted by the ‘Ethiopian Spice Girls’

Britain’s Spice Girls once sang ‘will this déjà vu never end?’, but it is the ‘Ethiopian Spice Girls’ - a five-piece girl band named Yegna - who have again returned to UK headlines in recent weeks...

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ramzan kadyrov salah

Salah meets Kadyrov: why are Egypt in Chechnya?

Kim Jong Un wasn't the only iron-fisted ruler to be granted an unlikely photo opportunity this week. On Monday the world awoke to Egypt's...

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