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Salar de uyuni lithium

Bolivia seeks investment as lithium price sky-rockets

Over the past decade Bolivia’s dazzling Salar de Uyuni has become one of South America’s most unmissable sights. Millions of tourists have made the journey to see the azure sky of the Andes flawlessly...
islamic state terror

Terror transformed: from foreign fighters to homegrown terrorism

Since the fall of Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State (IS), in October of last year, declarations of the “defeat of the Caliphate” have dominated headlines across the globe. World leaders were united...
Catalan man waits on Passeig Lluis Companys in Barcelona for Carles Puigdemont's independence speech

Separation anxiety: impasse in Catalonia

How do you solve a problem like Catalonia? As we head into 2018, the recurrent thorn in the side of Spain’s central government is showing no signs of disappearing. For many, the dominant memory may...
Pope Francis peru vatican

Pope’s Peruvian visit illuminates Vatican scandal

In December 2017, Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski joined an ever-growing list of politicians found to have accepted bribes from scandal-plagued Brazilian construction conglomerate Odebrecht, having done so during his time as Minister of...
nigel farage second referendum

Will Britain have a second referendum on EU membership?

Britain could consider its trajectory between 2015 and the present day as inextricable from that of the career of Nigel Farage. In 2015 he failed to win his seat at the general election, allowing...

How did Jeremy Hunt hang on as Health Secretary?

Theresa May has come under intense criticism in the last week, with former Education Secretary Justine Greening resigning rather than change departments in a muted cabinet reshuffle, and new Office for Students board member...
Pedro Pablo Kuczynski PPK gives speech

Peru reels from a failed impeachment and a divisive pardon

Ever since Marcelo Odebrecht, the former CEO of Latin America’s largest construction company, confessed that his firm had paid US$788m in bribes in 12 countries in Latin America and Africa; the spotlight has turned...
exam results confidential

The decline of UK universities and the call of the US

The deadlines for prospective UK and US undergraduates have arrived. Choosing which higher education institution to attend is a daunting task for a prospective student - the majority of whom are between the ages...

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

“So I landed at 17.00…. the taxi driver I got had been waiting since 8.30am for a customer. He only asked for $30 so I gave him $60… Hard to get a signal here....
Cape Town sunset

South Africa’s relationship with big business

Delivering his Christmas message, South Africa's newly elected African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa vowed to build an inclusive South African economy - unwittingly admitting the failure of his own party. Despite having been in...

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Bangladesh civil service quota causes student protests

Thousands of protesters have taken to Shahbagh Chattar in Dhaka, Bangladesh since April 7. Student protesters in the Chattar (square), right at the heart...
Aymara protester Bolivia

Bolivia: Relatives rejoice as ex-president found guilty of civilian massacres

There is an Aymara proverb which artfully invokes the idea that returning to the past can trace a path into the future: 'Qhiparu nayraru...

The Irish border continues to cloud Brexit negotiations

Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and European Union have been fraught by disagreement. However, negotiators publicly agree that a hard border between...