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Mercosur inauguration EU 2012 flags leaders

Landmark trade deal between the EU and Mercosur on the horizon

17 years after the first negotiations began, the European Union and Mercosur (a South American free trade pact between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) are inching ever closer to agreement on a far-reaching free trade...
Juan Carlos Varela Tsai Ing-wen speak with flags on table

One China for Central America, One China for the rest?

In June this year, Panama seized upon an important regional precedent as it switched its diplomatic relations from Taiwan to Beijing. Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed his Panamanian counterpart, Juan Carlos Varela, a “hero”;...
Zimbabwe one hundred trillion dollar note

Zimbabwe: A history of a failed economy and how to fix it

On November 22, in his maiden address at the ZANU-PF headquarters, Zimbabwean President Emerson Mnangagwa spelt out a vision of economic growth and jobs. Although it was brought to power by the clout of the...
President Macron looking chuffed

Linguistic colonialism: Will French become the world’s language?

On 28 November, French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated his desire for the French language to reassert its global influence. His words come at a time when battles are being fought over its integrity back...

Ecuador: Walking the tightrope between populism and neoliberalism

Latin America appears to be on the turn, with an electoral super-cycle looming on the horizon. Citizens of the region have often faced a polarising choice between left-wing governments whose policies are no longer sustainable, and...

Are the Conservatives regaining young voters?

With the Conservatives struggling in government following the disastrous June general election, Chancellor Philip Hammond's recent Budget aimed at tackling a growing problem for the party – a surge of young people voting, almost exclusively...
Knaresborough Viaduct

Yorxit: Would Yorkshire really devolve?

Yorkshire is the only English county where at any sporting or music event, and even sometimes just out in the streets, you will hear that chant uniting one and all: “Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!” God’s Own...
Robert Mugabe at a meeting

How will Zimbabwe step out of Mugabe’s shadow?

No matter where you look, Zimbabwe is on the cusp of change. Robert Mugabe was in power from 18 April 1980, when the country gained its independence from Britain following a 15-year guerrilla war -...
Colombians march for peace

Colombia’s brittle peace: One year on

On 24 November 2016, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Rodrigo Londoño (alias Timochenko), the leader of Latin America’s oldest and longest running guerrilla group, the Fuerzas Armadas Revolutionaries de Colombia (Revolutionary Armed Forces...
Chittagong Hill Tract Bangladesh

Tensions simmer in Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts

In the verdant countryside of Bangladesh's southeastern Chittagong Division, bordering India and Myanmar, lie the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). They are home to the Jumma people, the collective name for the numerous small indigenous communities of religious...

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Ley Sophia protest chile la moneda

Ley Sophia: The return of the death penalty in Chile?

On 25 January 2018, a two-year-old girl named Sophia died in a hospital in the southern Chilean city of Puerto Montt - days after...
Belgian Queen Ghana

EU spies role for Ghana in preventing migration

On the February 9, 2018, Queen Mathilde of Belgium arrived at the University of Ghana to host a talk alongside Ghanian President Akuffo Addo on the...

Is Mahatma Gandhi still relevant in India today?

His face is on every bank note; politicians mark each anniversary of his birth and his passing, but in modern India, does anyone pay...