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“History will be kind to Theresa May” says former aide Katie Perrior

Theresa May's former Director of Communications, Katie Perrior, described the media as “eating out of the palm of hand” even before she became the leader of the Conservative Party. How has she gone...
Ley Sophia protest chile la moneda

Ley Sophia: The return of the death penalty in Chile?

On 25 January 2018, a two-year-old girl named Sophia died in a hospital in the southern Chilean city of Puerto Montt - days after being beaten, burnt and sexually abused by her father. The doctor...
Belgian Queen Ghana

EU spies role for Ghana in preventing migration

On the February 9, 2018, Queen Mathilde of Belgium arrived at the University of Ghana to host a talk alongside Ghanian President Akuffo Addo on the topic of the country's sustainable development goals. Also in attendance...

Is Mahatma Gandhi still relevant in India today?

His face is on every bank note; politicians mark each anniversary of his birth and his passing, but in modern India, does anyone pay anything more than lip-service to the life and deeds of...

Botswana’s fictitious economic miracle

Botswana's GDP per capita growth - from $58 in 1960 to $6,924 in 2016 - has been hailed as an economic miracle. The country has certainly achieved some huge successes in recent years, most notably with its...
Salar de uyuni lithium

Bolivia seeks investment as lithium price sky-rockets

Over the past decade Bolivia’s dazzling Salar de Uyuni has become one of South America’s most unmissable sights. Millions of tourists have made the journey to see the azure sky of the Andes flawlessly...
islamic state terror

Terror transformed: from foreign fighters to homegrown terrorism

Since the fall of Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State (IS), in October of last year, declarations of the “defeat of the Caliphate” have dominated headlines across the globe. World leaders were united...
Catalan man waits on Passeig Lluis Companys in Barcelona for Carles Puigdemont's independence speech

Separation anxiety: impasse in Catalonia

How do you solve a problem like Catalonia? As we head into 2018, the recurrent thorn in the side of Spain’s central government is showing no signs of disappearing. For many, the dominant memory may...
Pope Francis peru vatican

Pope’s Peruvian visit illuminates Vatican scandal

In December 2017, Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski joined an ever-growing list of politicians found to have accepted bribes from scandal-plagued Brazilian construction conglomerate Odebrecht, having done so during his time as Minister of...
nigel farage second referendum

Will Britain have a second referendum on EU membership?

Britain could consider its trajectory between 2015 and the present day as inextricable from that of the career of Nigel Farage. In 2015 he failed to win his seat at the general election, allowing...

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bangladesh road safety protests

Bangladesh road safety protests bring Dhaka to standstill

On 29 July, 2018 two school students were run over by a bus. When asked about the accident at a press conference later that day,...
Namibian president Hage Geingob

Namibia: African success story or elite propaganda?

On 25 July 2018, Samuel Shali Nghihepa, a sergeant in the Namibian Police Special Reserve Force Division, murdered his ex-girlfriend, Alina Kahehongo, in full view...

Loneliness in Japan during the heat wave

An unprecedented heat wave has swept across Japan this summer. Record-breaking temperatures have seen Tokyo rise above 40 degrees, and by Tuesday evening more...