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Closing the Balkan route: Does it solve the refugee problem or make it worse?

Horrific images of hundreds of people freezing in the cold while waiting to get their one free meal for the day are a reminder of a winter that the Serbian government would rather forget....

The Trump card: how the Donald might just do it again

On the evening of 26 September, around 150 paying customers gathered at the glamorous Le Cirque restaurant in Manhattan to raise money for Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. Tickets for the fundraiser reportedly went for...
Prime Ministers of the Visegrád Group at the Prague European Summit

Czech elections: will Central Europe’s illiberal tide be halted?

To many in the west, successful illiberal politicians such as Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen may be a new phenomenon, but for those who follow the post-communist states of Eastern Europe, such figures...

Kosovo v Ukraine – The limits of independence movements

Against the backdrop of last Sunday’s independence referendum in Catalonia, tonight’s round of FIFA World Cup qualification fixtures produces one particularly intriguing match. Ordinarily Kosovo facing off against Ukraine would not be the first...

What has Le Pen been up to?

Marie Le Pen’s second place finish in the French presidential election in 2017 with just under 34% of the popular vote was seen as a major victory the Front National (FN). Le Pen almost...
Erbil Star Park central square taxis

After the independence vote: what now for Iraq’s Kurds?

The independence referendum held in the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) on 20 September led to a decisive vote of 92% in favour. While the Kurdish capital of Erbil has been filled with celebrations for...
indigenous tribesman in brazil shoots with a bow in the Amazon

Brazil’s indigenous tribes under threat after another “massacre”

Earlier this month, the federal authorities in Amazonas state in Brazil confirmed that they are investigating the murders of at least 10 indigenous people by garimpeiros (illegal gold miners) in August. The alleged victims were...
manal al-sharif speaks on women's rights and permission to drive

King Salman’s declaration advances women’s rights in Saudi Arabia

On Tuesday 26 September, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman issued a historic royal decree allowing women the right to drive vehicles for the first time from June 2018. The breakthrough move was met with joy...
Jeremy Corbyn and cameras

Is Corbyn Britain’s leader in waiting?

It was a momentous night for Britain’s Labour Party at its annual conference in Brighton. As has often been the case since June’s General Election, a buoyant Labour event felt more like a sell-out...

Catalonia decides: A winding road towards potential freedom

The political agenda in Catalonia was not always about independence from Spain. The failure to reform its Statute of Autonomy in 2010 ignited popular resentment for Madrid’s rule, propelling a secessionist movement that could...

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Emmanuel Macron big smile

The Benalla scandal that could undo President Macron

Just a month ago, French President Emmanuel Macron was enjoying his country’s World Cup triumph in Russia. A week later, French newspaper Le Monde...
bangladesh road safety protests

Bangladesh road safety protests bring Dhaka to standstill

On 29 July, 2018 two school students were run over by a bus. When asked about the accident at a press conference later that day,...
Namibian president Hage Geingob

Namibia: African success story or elite propaganda?

On 25 July 2018, Samuel Shali Nghihepa, a sergeant in the Namibian Police Special Reserve Force Division, murdered his ex-girlfriend, Alina Kahehongo, in full view...