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confederate slavery statue usa flag

Statues and slavery: the legacy of the Confederacy in the US

The violence perpetrated by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, has reignited debate in the United States surrounding the legacy of the Confederacy, the self-proclaimed nation of eleven Southern US states whose secession precipitated the...

Barcelona attack: not Spain’s first taste of terrorism

Until last week, Spain had been spared the recent spate of jihadi terrorism in Western Europe. Although the Islamic State and its followers had crowed of their ambition to re-conquer al-Andalus, the area of...
antarctica climate change

Coordinating the many actors in Antarctica’s fight against climate change

The sublime beauty of Antarctica is on a par with its bone-chilling hostility – the uninhabited continent is the world's coldest, driest and windiest. The facts that describe it are inevitably mind-boggling; its ice...
fc akhmat grozny mosque ramzan

FC Akhmat Grozny: The Establishment of a Kadyrov Dynasty

A few months ago, as the Russian Premier League took its annual summer hiatus, one club in Russia’s North Caucasian region was rebranding itself after six decades. Terek Grozny, which had been named after...
prostitution leeds Braunschweiger Monogrammist Bordellszene

Leeds experiments with legalised prostitution

It is famously one of the world’s oldest professions, existing in one form or another across almost every civilization. Sumerian records dating back to around 2400 BCE refer to it as an occupation, the...

Hungary: can anyone stop Viktor Orban?

In the Hungary of Viktor Orban, driving from Budapest airport to the city centre in July, one’s eyes could not help but be drawn to the billboards lining the road. Some 75% of these...
Qingdao chinese navy djibouti

A power struggle in the Indian Ocean: China’s new military base in Djibouti

On 1 August 2017, China formally opened its first overseas military base in Djibouti. Neither the date of inauguration nor its location in one of the smallest, most resource-scarce African nations are coincidental: this...

Make or break for arch-reformer Macron

In June, just a few days prior to a landslide legislative victory for Emmanuel Macron’s La République En Marche (LRM) party, the Economist ran a cover feature that depicted him striding, beaming across a...
Justin Gatlin outsprints Usain Bolt

Drugs in sport: Who do we trust enough to cheer?

Three hundredths of a second. The difference between success and failure; jeers and adulation; Justin Gatlin and Usain Bolt. The margins in sport are incredibly tight: hopes are dashed, careers made, and legacies secured...
Religious symbols

Differing approaches for different contexts: Religious Education in the UK and the US

Will Peters left his job teaching Religious Education (RE) in schools in the UK to study for a PhD in education at Boston College, Massachusetts. Here he examines the trajectories and shortcomings of religious...

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Family separation: Fear, loathing and human rights on America’s southern border

It is easy to see Trump’s handling of his ‘family separation’ policy on America’s border with Mexico as self-contained episode. In early June Trump...
el mozote massacre memorial

Will El Salvador ever see justice for the El Mozote massacre?

Despite the estimated 32 cases of human rights abuses that occurred during the Salvadoran Civil War (1979-1992), the incidents in the village of El...
European Flag

Will the EU turn to the Western Balkans?

When the UK leaves the European Union on 29 March 2019, history will be made. For the very first time, the EU will lose...