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fan guide to russia Christ the Saviour

World Cup 2018: A practical fan guide to Russia

All you need to know about visiting Russia during the World Cup, in one place. This fan guide to Russia is a basic toolkit for the uninitiated; within it we've compiled an overview for...
ramzan kadyrov salah

Salah meets Kadyrov: why are Egypt in Chechnya?

Kim Jong Un wasn't the only iron-fisted ruler to be granted an unlikely photo opportunity this week. On Monday the world awoke to Egypt's choice of World Cup training location as Mohammed Salah, their...
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

The United States steps up sanctions against Russia

On August 2, President Donald Trump signed a bill that brings a fresh wave of sanctions against Russia. The president brought the new legislation into effect on Wednesday in a move that particularly targets...
kremlin in sunshine

2017 in Review: Russia and Eastern Europe

In this series of articles, 2017 in Review, we look back at the year in each region of the world. Here, Thomas Brewis looks at Russia and Eastern Europe.   Unlike many parts of the world, Eastern Europe...

The Siemens Case: How Russia uses Western companies

On 4 August, the EU, on Berlin's initiative, added three more citizens of Russia and three companies to its sanctions list, due to a breach of the Russian Ministry of Energy’s agreement with German...
Vladimir Putin addresses an audience at the Valdai conference in Sochi

Russian multipolarity: Is policy driven by philosophy?

In a divisive climate of East-West tension and barbs being traded between politicians on both sides, the 14th annual conference of the Valdai Discussion Club took place in the Black Sea resort of Sochi in mid-October. Russia’s premier...

The reasons behind Theresa May’s attack on Russia

Another week, another major Western politician attacks Russia. This round saw British Prime Minister Theresa May use a major foreign policy speech at the London Guildhall to launch something of a tirade against the...

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Putin Russia novichok nerve agent

Populism to Pensions: Love or Hate for Putin’s New Policy?

It has been close to a year since the 2018 March presidential elections in Russia, which saw Vladimir Putin enter his fourth...

2019: Year of the Vegan?

The word ‘vegan’ was coined in 1944, after members of the Leicester Vegetarian Society became frustrated with the group’s refusal to consider...

Polish women turn to arthritis medication for abortions

Reporters: Shuai Hao, Joasia Popowicz, Francesca Regalado Opening a pack of medicine for joint-pain, Julia Zareba, a student from...