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protestor with flag Venezuela protests 2017

Latin American nations bear the weight of Venezuela’s migrant crisis

Latin America's cauldron has been stirred once more. A continual flux of migrants - both within and between its nations - has long contributed...
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

The United States steps up sanctions against Russia

On August 2, President Donald Trump signed a bill that brings a fresh wave of sanctions against Russia. The president brought the new legislation...
el mozote massacre memorial

Will El Salvador ever see justice for the El Mozote massacre?

Despite the estimated 32 cases of human rights abuses that occurred during the Salvadoran Civil War (1979-1992), the incidents in the village of El...
Aymara protester Bolivia

Bolivia: Relatives rejoice as ex-president found guilty of civilian massacres

There is an Aymara proverb which artfully invokes the idea that returning to the past can trace a path into the future: 'Qhiparu nayraru...
melting arctic ice

2017 in Review: The environment

In this series of articles, 2017 in Review, we look back at the year in each region of the world. Here, Dafna Bitran Dirven looks at...
Cop 23 Bonn crowds protest

COP 23: Do the Paris climate agreements have a future?

Without any additional policy to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, it is probable that the world will face a temperature rise of 3°C or more in...
helicpter in chechnya with soldiers in front running

The US’ Chechnya policy: From silent to outspoken

On Wednesday 2 November, the United States Senate passed a resolution that condemned human rights violations against LGBT men in Chechnya. The resolution stated...
india and china flags

India and China: Rising powers heading for conflict?

As both India and China ascend to the global top table, a great deal of attention has been afforded to the delicate relationship between...

Kosovo v Ukraine – The limits of independence movements

Against the backdrop of last Sunday’s independence referendum in Catalonia, tonight’s round of FIFA World Cup qualification fixtures produces one particularly intriguing match. Ordinarily...
Erbil Star Park central square taxis

After the independence vote: what now for Iraq’s Kurds?

The independence referendum held in the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) on 20 September led to a decisive vote of 92% in favour. While the...

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From the UN in 2017 to the EU in 2018, we have become accustomed to organisations and countries declaring ‘war on plastic...
Putin Russia novichok nerve agent

Populism to Pensions: Love or Hate for Putin’s New Policy?

It has been close to a year since the 2018 March presidential elections in Russia, which saw Vladimir Putin enter his fourth...

2019: Year of the Vegan?

The word ‘vegan’ was coined in 1944, after members of the Leicester Vegetarian Society became frustrated with the group’s refusal to consider...