Terms and Conditions

Jericho World Cup Prediction Competition:

Terms and Conditions


1. Entering the Jericho World Cup Prediction Competition (hereafter the “Prediction Competition”)

a. The Prediction Competition is open to everyone, except:
  • Jericho Online Ltd.’s Executive Directors, John Bartlett and Joe Barnes, may not enter the Predictions Competition.
  • All other Jericho contributors, section editors and those associated with the website are eligible to enter the Prediction Competition.
b. A valid entry:
  • A Jericho World Cup Prediction Form (hereafter the “Prediction Form”) must be received as an attachment in either .pdf or .jpg format by sport@jerichoonline.com. Receipt will be confirmed in an email response.
  • An Entrance Payment of £5 must be made via PayPal “Buy Now” button at http://jerichoonline.com/world-cup-2018/predictions-competition/enter-now/.
  • The entry must have been received by 23.00 (GMT) on 13 June 2018.
  • The entry must follow the explicit instructions provided on the Prediction Form.
c. Other conditions:
  • Only one entry can be made per person.
  • Entries that provide a completed Prediction Form but no Entrance Payment will be considered invalid.
  • Entrants that have paid the Entrance Payment but do not send a Prediction Form will be considered invalid, but the payment will not be refunded.
  • There is no limit to the total number of Participants that can enter the competition.


2. The Prediction Form

a. Submitted forms:
  • The first version of a form sent by a Participant shall be considered final, and once a form has been received by sport@jerichoonline.com and a receipt email has been sent in confirmation, no changes can be made to a Participant’s Prediction Form.
  • Neither the Participant nor Jericho’s Executive Editors will be able to access or change the predictions made by any Participant.
  • Jericho is not responsible for any changes in scheduling that result in differences in dates or other information shown on the Prediction Form.


3. The Prizes

a. Description of the Prizes
  • The Prize for the overall Winner(s) of the Prediction Competition is £250 and a Jericho-branded t-shirt.
    • If more than one Participant achieves the joint-highest points total, each joint-Winner will receive an equal share of the £250 prize and a Jericho-branded t-shirt.
  • The Prize for both the Runner-Up and Third-Placed Participant is a Jericho-branded t-shirt.
  • The Prize is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for any other item or monetary reward.
b. Receiving the Prize
  • The Winner shall be paid in Pounds Sterling (£) either by PayPal or by bank transfer.
  • The payment will be made on 18 July 2018, and the t-shirts sent to the Winner(s), the runner-up and the third-placed Participant shortly afterwards.
  • The Entrance Payment is non-refundable, even to the Winner(s), runner-up and third-placed Participant.


4. The Winners(s)

a. Description of the Winner(s)
  • The Winner(s) will be the Participant(s) who scores the most points.
    • In the event of a tie (where more than one participant achieves the equal highest score), the cash prize will be divided equally between them.
b. Contacting the Winner(s)
  • The Winner(s) will be announced on Jericho’s Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • The Winner(s) will be contacted via the email address(es) provided on the Prediction Form on 16 July 2018.

5. Disputes

  • Any disputes over scoring or points awarded will be resolved by a joint decision between Jericho Online Ltd.’s Executive Directors. Their decision is final and may not be contested or appealed.


6. Privacy

a. Contacting Participants
  • Participants will only be contacted via the email address provided under the following circumstances:
    • If an incomplete entry is made, the Participant may be contacted before 15 June 2018 in order to allow them the chance to complete the form or make a payment.
    • The Winner, Runner-up, and Third-Placed Participant shall be contacted personally to confirm payment method (in the case of the Winner) and t-shirt sizes required.
b. “Round-up” emails
  • A “World Cup Roundup” email shall be sent to all email addresses provided by the Participants on their Prediction Form by default, unless the Participant explicitly opts out of all email communications from Jericho in an email to sport@jerichoonline.com.
  • The name provided on the Predictions Form shall appear as part of a leaderboard in the daily “World Cup Roundup” email sent to all consenting participants.
c. Social media
  • The name of the winning Participant shall be shared in a congratulatory social media post
  • No other details provided by the winning Participant will be shared via social media.
  • The personal details provided by the Participant will not be stored beyond 16 June 2018, or used or distributed in any other way by Jericho Online Ltd..